Friday Finds || In the Light O'Sphere

As the days get shorter and darker I've been looking for new ways to brighten and warm up our place. One trend I have been noticing and loving lately is orb/spherical lighting! 


A circle is associated with harmony, love and power, making it an inviting and adaptable shape for any room of the home. From pendants to dip-dyed table lamps to chandeliers, I'm especially drawn to these fixtures in brass and white.  They feel modern and bold.  Do you have any favorite lighting trends? Leave a note in the comments, there are endless possibilities in the light'osphere. 




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DESIGN | Velvet Crush

Velvet is back (and so are we!) and better than ever. Following the trend that flooded the runways this season, our homes can also delight in this luxurious fabric. Velvet pieces in deep, rich tones will instantly up the lavishness of your space and make you feel like royalty. Today I'm diving into some of my favorite ways to add velvet into your space, big and small. Let's take a look.

Traditionally made from silk fibers, velvet is known for its short, dense pile which gives it that soft & sumptuous trademark feel, making it perfect for furnishings.  The pieces above bring earthiness to the room when mixed with other natural-inspired textures and pieces like wood and marble. Velvet is also very durable despite its decadence, making it suitable for dining chairs or a sofa. 

I'm quite literally obsessed with the idea of a velvet headboard. After all, shouldn't your bedroom and more importantly your bed be the most luxe place in your home? Who wouldn't want to fall asleep against the backdrop of glamour? The juxtaposition of modern wooden side tables and printed bedding keeps the look a bit less traditional and more vintage-inspired and fun.

If you're not ready to fully commit to velvet, start small by introducing elements like pillows or drapes to your home to add elegance and luxury in a simple way.  Pair the pillows or drapes with clean lines and white walls for a modern and contemporary feel.

So are you ready to take the plush plunge? Shop some of my favorite looks available right now. I've got my eye on that ivory bed, swoon!



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One of the main reasons I created this site and one of the best parts by far about working on posts like these is getting to know the people and meaning behind each shoppe, designer and artist on a deeper level. I'm talking about the part where we interact, swap stories, share monumental moments and setbacks.

I'm really excited to introduce you to today's Shoppe Spotlight, DAO Collective. Not only because it was started by a dear friend of mine, but because it was started out of passion, love and true grit.

DAO Collective is an accessories, home decor and apparel online shop inspired by heritage, a desire for working with artisanal textiles and a passion for social good. 

Growing up with a mom who was a pattern maker and seamstress, founder Ruji Ochajaroen found herself tagging along on her mother's adventures in New York City's Garment Center. "My mom made most of our clothes growing up and taught me how to sew, although I have never perfected the skill, this idea [DAO] has been with me since I was a young girl!" 

A fascination with manufacturing and artisanal design paired with a deep connection to her Thai roots is the heartbeat of DAO and is what drove Ruji to finally make her childhood idea come to life.

"That's my mom at work on our hmong inspired skirts. Life is a full circle journey and I am so grateful to have had this exposure of creativity in my life. I love my mom. I love my family."

Working directly with women in the villages of Thailand, DAO is able to provide them with income opportunity while preserving weaving traditions. This is such a beautiful way to give back to the people and country she holds so dear to her heart.

Ruji recently relaunched the DAO Collective website featuring even more unique items such as pillows, keychains and kids accessories. I love supporting small shops, especially when there is so much craftsmanship, passion and social responsibility. 

DAO translates to "star" in Thai. 

"The brightest stars are those that shine for the benefit of others".  We couldn't agree more. 

Shop some of my favorite items below and make sure to follow DAO for more inspiration :  INSTAGRAM // FACEBOOK // PINTEREST