DESIGN | Project NYC Apartment

Growing up I wanted to be an architect. I carried around a sketchbook, rearranged my  bedroom on a monthly basis and dreamed of owning my own home one day. Not much has changed; the only difference now is that I'm not an architect and Pinterest is my sketchbook. I still daydream of what my future home will look like, and how overwhelmed I will feel decorating it, but for now, a one-bedroom apartment in NYC will have to do. With under 1,000 sf to work with, I know I want to keep it clean and bright with an added warmth of patterned textiles and wooden pieces. (and a color palette that's also guy approved!) 

rug || lamp || chair

{Images via Pinterest}

It's no secret I love mid-century furniture, so when I saw this chair in domino, it actually inspired the entire feel of the apartment. White fresh walls (or maybe a deep navy accent wall!?) highlighted with brass fixtures and accents in the form of lamps, bowls and sculptures. Layered, textured rugs, greenery, wood pieces, (did I mention that chair!?)  will add lots of warmth and depth. How would you decorate a small space? In the next few months I'll be posting more inspiration, tips & tricks and DIY projects for small spaces. Stay tuned!