DESIGN | Unexpected Bathroom Storage Ideas

I'm a product hoarder and I live in NYC.  That's two strikes against me in the bathroom storage department, which means I've had to get pretty creative in my spaces. So I thought I'd round up three unexpected, yet luxurious ways to display and/or store items in your powder rooms and bathrooms in case you're square footage challenged like me, love pedestal sinks (which offer no storage), or simply just want a change.  


Ladder shelves... why didn't I think of that?! I'm so totally doing this in my next apartment.  Back of the door hooks are fine, but can seem boring or messy. This option allows you to openly display those beautiful turkish towels or leave a soft, embroidered robe for your guest's use which is an accessible, functional and almost a spa-like idea. 

Growing up my mom always housed the tissue box on top of the toilet and I've come to notice it's a pretty common occurrence in most bathrooms.  I've kind of wondered why that is, but now it's pretty obvious that the top of the toilet is an easy place to store products like tissues, toilet paper and room spray, especially in a guest bathroom.  There is nothing worse than having to rifle through someone's cabinets looking for that extra roll of toilet paper! You can step it up a notch by using a rustic recycled box or metal tray to arrange these items. 

If there is one thing I love more than a pedestal sink, it's a clawfoot tub. They remind me of a charming bed & breakfast tucked away in the countryside somewhere. You don't even need a clawfoot tub for this idea, perhaps just some bubble bath and a glass of red. Use a wooden caddy like the ones below to house a candle, a book and your favorite body scrub - then just sit back and pretend the Tuscan hills are right outside your window.  If your tub also doubles as a shower, when not in use, place the caddy at the end of the tub as a shelf. 

I'd to hear what your bathroom storage hacks are and if you do decide to try any of these ideas make sure to share them with us on Facebook or Instagram!