FRIDAY FINDS | Whimsical Wicker

We're switching it up around here for this week's Friday Finds and I'm pretty excited about it. I've enlisted the help of MSA Interiors Project Manager, Emily Scott, (who also happens to be my best friend) to share with us her favorite of-the-moment interior trend. I've always admired Emily's ability to uniquely blend quirky vintage finds with clean, modern lines making her spaces feel warm, fresh and fun. You'll be seeing more of Emily here on SA, along with some other contributors as we continue to grow, but for now, let's just drool over this post.


If there is one thing Courtney and I share a deep love for (besides summer nights filled with Rosé), it's good design.  Whether it's a unique side table or a beautifully designed letter pressed thank you note, it usually makes us stop in our tracks - and in my case break out the Amex! 

I initially set out to write about the unexpected use of outdoor furniture inside, but I found my sights zeroing in on one outside furniture trend in particular - wicker.  Wicker furniture was all the rage up until the late '70's, and then it seemed to be relegated to the backyard. Well guess what?  It's making its way back indoors and I'm loving every minute of it.

all images courtesy of  Pinterest

all images courtesy of Pinterest

The lovely thing about wicker is that it's light yet sturdy, making it easy to maneuver around your home until you find just the perfect spot. Is it just me, or is there is something ethereal and playful about it? The loopy designs, natural texture, and unwavering symmetry satisfy all of my design-love requirements.  Not to mention you can find brand new pieces for a steal, or get crafty and revamp a gorgeous vintage piece with quick coat of spray paint -  VIOLA! 

all images courtesy of Pinterest

There are a few mantras I try to adhere to when it comes to decorating my home.  The first is to not take it too seriously, this is supposed to be a fun and creative outlet after all.  The second is to surround myself with pieces I love and that make me happy.  And the third is to believe that if I always trust my instincts when buying anything for my home –the room will inherently come together.  Wicker happens to apply to all of the above for me!

Find a few of my favorite pieces below, big or small, that will make a statement in any room. As an added bonus, I couldn't resist but to share my favorite patterned pillows which are the perfect pairing for these pieces or ones you may already own.  So, are you as ready as I am to bring back this trend? I have a feeling I may be breaking out my Amex sooner than I thought!