DESIGN | It's Written in the Cards

Nowadays we are more connected than ever thanks to the constantly evolving world of technology.  It's so convenient to quickly send a text or shoot an email to a friend while on the train, and social media allows us to keep in touch with friends and family afar, but it also leaves me to wonder, have we lost our personal touch?

Remember when we actually had to call someone or mail them a note to thank them or tell them we miss them? Well, I miss those days and I'm afraid technology is making us lazy.  A beautiful hand-written note or card sent (I've been making my own holiday cards for over 7 years now!) will go a long way for the receiver, as an unexpected and thoughtful gesture.

Well I'm happy to say that the stationery industry isn't dead!  As a matter of fact, there are new designs emerging everyday, like this exciting new line from Well Received- a modern, sophisticated take on the basics with a mission to evoke thoughtfulness and emotion. Some of these new designs can be considered art and beautiful enough to frame, but mostly, they are guaranteed to make your recipient smile. Check out a collection of my favorites below - hopefully being mailed from or coming soon to a mailbox near you! 

Sweet Pizza Stationery Card || Surprise, Surprise Headline Thank You Note || Cheesey Friendship Stationery Card

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