DESIGN | The Modernized Vanity

 Every morning I set my alarm in hopes of waking up early, taking a long shower, brewing a fresh cup of coffee and taking my time while getting ready. Yet, every morning consists of multiple snooze button hits, fighting over bathroom space and stressing over what I'm forgetting before I leave the apartment!  I've been treating getting ready for work as a tedious chore and I'm ready to slow down and enjoy the process a bit more - just like the days when I would sit at my white wicker vanity in my house growing up playing with makeup and curling my bangs.  I've decided I want to bring back this luxurious piece of furniture - in a modernized way.  Check out all the different ways this element of sophistication and elegance has been making its debut back into bedrooms and where I can see myself spending my mornings in the new apartment.

Whatever your style may be, here's to creating your own personal oasis and satisfying the glamorous girly girl in all of us.