Starting a blog is scary stuff!  But to my grateful surprise since launching Sunday's Arrow, I've had an overwhelmingly positive and supportive response from family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers. People have been reaching out to collaborate, for interior design advice and to ask for help reinvigorating their own spaces.  

I have a few exciting projects in the works that I can't wait to share with you, starting with this masculine living room that I will be helping to refresh just in time for Summer!

This apartment, set in an urban modern luxury building built in the year 2000, has excellent framework with floor-to-ceiling windows bringing in lots of afternoon sunlight, beautiful hardwood floors and an open floor plan.  My 'client' who I'll refer to as B, has lived in this apartment for almost 8 years and besides for the addition of a few pieces of artwork - he hasn't changed a thing! The exact words B used when he approached me for help was that his space needed a 'modern refresh.' 

Well, B, your wish is my command.

The first thing that popped into my mind while thinking about this space was color!  There is a brown and beige theme happening throughout the entire apartment creating this semi-dark tonality that even the vibrant sunlight doesn't off-set. In my opinion your home should be a reflection of you, your personality and the things you love and I'm pretty sure my client has just simply outgrown his space.

We had to have that awkward conversation about what would stay and what absolutely needs to go (you guys, people become attached to the weirdest things) and there will definitely be some compromising.  We both agree the large, bulky, nicked up coffee table is the first to go. This thing is a beast and takes up half of the room! (okay I'm being a little dramatic, but no, really, it has to go.)  The sofa and rug are questionable for now (along with that out-of-place hydrangea plant) and we both agree that the leather chair, bookcase and console will stay.  

Home design is very personal, as it should be, I mean you're the one who has to live with it everyday. I really want this room to represent B, his globe-trotting lifestyle and infectious personality.  This room needs to be bright and bold yet not ostentatious, infused with natural textures but not too rustic, modern yet not too serious and most definitely warm and super inviting. 

So here's what I'm thinkin'.

I'm hoping to counterbalance the beiges and browns with soft gray walls. I want to minimize the coffee table and use this piece as a way to infuse something industrial and design driven into the room. Those striped pillows that seem to have come with the sofa have got to go (Sorry B!) and they will be replaced with patterned pillows and textiles that are worldly yet contemporary (just like the prints below by my long time fav textiles designer Zak + Fox).  Black and white travel photos and artwork will replace the mirror situated above the sofa and more greenery will be making an appearance to round out the room.  


                                                               Benjamin Moore Gray Owl ||  Zak + Fox Textiles ||  West Elm Throws  || CB2 Chevron Coffee Table 

Inspiration boards are a great start, but as we all know, things don't always go exactly as you originally plan, especially when it comes to design - but to me that's what makes it most exciting.  You never know what direction a coat of paint or a new coffee table will take you, and you just have to embrace it. I'm super pumped about this project and working so closely with B, and I'll be documenting and sharing the progress of this 'refresh' with you all and asking for advice along the way.

Stay tuned!