FRIDAY FINDS | Spring Forward

It's March, it's 25 degrees and there are multiple inches of snow on the ground here in NYC, which has me (cranky!)  yearning even harder for Spring.  However, Daylight Savings Time begins this weekend, which also means we are just that much closer to longer days, lighter jackets and noshing outdoors.  The first day I open my windows in the Spring, is usually the same day I have the urge to start purging and brightening up my apartment. As my first Friday Finds post, I'm honing in on some of my favorite pieces to renew, refresh and brighten up your home. Happy weekend, ya'll. We're almost there. 

  1. Chevron Hanging Succulent Planter ||  I'm a plant killer. (It's a known fact, ask my co-workers). However, succulents and I do happen to get along. This handmade chevron porcelain planter, which hangs by raw suede detailing, is the perfect home for your succulent or plant. Hang it near your favorite window to bring the outdoors in.  
  2. Crewel Modern Blocks Pillow Cover || Pillow covers are an easy way to switch things up in your space. I have different covers for different seasons and it's always fun to mix & match.  They are easy to store, which is an added bonus, since storage space is always an issue in my small apartment.
  3. Cozamia Bermuda Print || Nancy Ramirez, the creator behind this colorful Cozamia print, has been a long-time favorite of mine. I already own two pieces of her work and she never disappoints with her new releases, taunting me to buy more. She blends traditional and digital art using nature, color, repetition and symmetry as her inspiration. And that folks,  just makes for beautiful, mesmerizing results. 
  4. and 5. Nate Berkus 2015 Home Decor Collection || He's done it again. I honestly can't get over the design and quality of Nate Berkus' collection for Target. This modern round accent table can be moved around from your bedroom to bathroom and I love the water color effect of the ceramic tray. Use the tray for trinkets and jewelry or add it to your gallery wall as a piece of artwork. Be sure to check out the full collection for other great finds.

      6. Wind and Willow Home Wooden Salad Bowl || These cherry wood bowls are hand-dipped in bright bold colors making                 each piece unique. I can see myself serving colorful salads out of these on the patio this summer, or just keeping this                       on my kitchen table as a naturally beautiful centerpiece. Either way - I want one (or four).