DESIGN | Ways to Display Travel Photos

Anyone that is close to me (or follows me on Instagram) knows that I love to take pictures. The lens forces me to look at things through different eyes and I'm prone to trying to capture every moment, especially when I'm traveling. As much as I love digital photography, I have to admit, I do miss film cameras and that feeling of excitement you would get when picking up your prints. I'm always looking for creative tangible ways to capture all of my travel photos, and I have even started making photo books for each trip through the winsome website Artifact UprisingBut here we are going to take a look at ways to display your travel photographs on your walls and around your home. 

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More often than not, people hang artwork in their homes way higher than what is considered "gallery height", which is roughly the average human eye level or 57 inches from the floor to the center of the art. To avoid hauling out your measuring tape and level, just take it to the floor. For a unique statement, try layering different sized larger frames and placing them on your floor in an entryway or next to your bed.. I'm pretty much obsessed with this idea.

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I've recently started shooting a lot in black and white, especially at the beach or when taking portraits. There is something timeless and artistic about this form that I'm really drawn to.  I like this idea of placing your black and white prints in subtle gold  frames then grouping them together to create a monochromatic gallery wall.  Certain frames can often distract or compete with the actual photograph or artwork, but this look does just the opposite, it complements. 

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I started exploring different mediums for printing photographs, and and my first attempt at something out of the ordinary was having a photo from my Costa Rican vacation printed onto a sheet of metal (as seen below) that I ordered from Pixuru. This led me to discover other non-traditional ways, including wallpaper! This is a pretty out-there idea, getting your photo blown up into wallpaper, but that makes me like it even more. If you're too nervous to take it that far, try poster-size and add some typography to it for fun. High quality websites like Pixuru and Artifact Uprising offer easy and beautiful ways to turn your photos into canvases, books and even wooden prints. 

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Maybe I love taking photographs so much because I am a pretty nostalgic person. I often find myself looking through old photo albums just to conjure up the memories I have created with loved ones, taking myself back to that exact moment and remembering the finer details. I hope to pass along my travels and memories to my kids one day through creating beautiful art and sharing the stories with them.  That's what photography really means to me. 

I'd love to hear how you take your memories and turn them into art.