DESIGN | The Neutral Sofa

To keep the existing sofa or use up most of our budget to buy a new one?  THAT was the question.  When you have a pretty nice (and I must say comfortable) sofa that's in decent shape, but the color and style are not your first choice, if you're anything like me, you want to quickly abandon it and buy something that's more your taste.  And what better time to do so then when moving into a new apartment, right??  In my head, the answer is yes, but in reality sofas can be so darn expensive. With only 4 months to go before moving, these are the things that have kept me up at night.

But after much thought, we've decided to take the sofa along with us to try it out before completely deserting it and draining our budget.  So today I'm exploring different ways to incorporate a neutral colored fabric sofa into the living room and these finds have gotten me surprisingly excited.


In one of my first ever posts, I shared my inspiration for the new apartment, which had lots of whites, woods, textures and the idea of a dark navy wall, It just so happens that my research for ways to incorporate a neutral sofa has led me back to that idea and these photos confirmed that with the right amount of natural sunlight, the dark blue walls are a gorgeous contrast withouth being too bold. This seriously may need to happen.

How stunning are these colorful rugs?! I love the idea of bringing a bright or bold color down to the floor, allowing for the sofa to act as a blank canvas to house patterned pillows and throws, lightly blending into the background, barely noticeable.  

Another trend and option is to incorporate black and white patterns and pieces to create a more monochromatic feel.  Here you can play around with colorful artwork, or introduce copper tones or other metals and woods to liven things up. I like the simplicity of this look - and there would most definitely need to be some greenery! 

Being that I"m usually not the best decision maker, and I love all of these ideas, I threw together my current vision which just so happens to incorporate a little piece of all of them. Because we are keeping the sofa, that means we have room to make a few new purchases, starting with a rug and some lighting.

Do you guys have a favorite?  Do you have a piece of furniture you've given up hope on but want to refresh? I'd love to hear and happy to help - let me know in the comments! 

Image sources: Kate Marker Interiors / Live Breath Decor / Domaine / Homedit / Pinterest /PlanetWi / SA Decor