Summer Fridays and Friday Finds are back! Long days, shorter work weeks and plenty of time spent outdoors has left me in a pretty good mood and ready to share some of my favorite sunny day finds with you all.  Whether you're at the beach, pool, park or your concrete outdoor space, I think all of these finds will come in quite handy. 

FLOAT print by Betty Hatchett

Here's to many more relaxing and sunny days ahead!


SUNNYLIFE TAMARAMA BEACH SEAT || This cheery little seat is compact, fold-able and light-weight. Equipped with an adjustable strap and slip pocket for your book or mag, you can toss this chair onto your shoulder or into the back of your jeep and be on your way. 

ADELINE JELLY SANDAL || Jellies are back and better than ever!  I recently got a pair of these modernized jellies from Banana Republic in black and they have quickly become my Summer go-to sandal. Simple and sexy, the rubber is surprisingly comfortable and I now I don't mind when I get caught in the rain! I may have to scoop up another pair.

COOLA SPF 30 Sport Spray ||  It would be very irresponsible of me to talk about spending your sunny days outdoors without including perhaps the most important accessory, SPF! This COOLA SPF 30 (which should be your minimum SPF) is made with 97% organic inactive plant ingredients, is easy to apply and smells like a refreshing citrus mimosa. This is not only a favorite, but a must-have. 

GLASS CARAFE WITH TUMBLER || For your water or afternoon wine, serve up or take in some cold refreshments with this glass carafe in a color reflective of the Mediterranean Sea. 

ROUNDIE TOWEL IN PARADIS PRINT || Coined "the original roundie",  this hand drawn round towel was developed by The Beach People and is 100% cotton and 100% gorgeous. Started by two Australian sisters, The Beach People is now a growing community of like minded sea lovers around the globe spreading their love for the sea and nature. Join in on the adventure by following them on Instagram - you may be jealous, but you won't be disappointed!  

GRADY'S COLD BREW BEAN BAGS  || Life's too short to drink crappy coffee, in my opinion.  If you're a coffee addict like me, then you know that cold brew is like the "crackaccino" of coffees.  It has a higher concentrate but lower acidity as compared to regularly brewed coffee making it taste sweeter.  The geniuses at Grady's, a Brooklyn-based company, created these DIY cold brew beanbags so anyone can create a week's worth of freshly brewed iced coffee in the comfort of their own homes. And New Yorker's you're in luck, these guys will deliver straight to your home or office. Coffee really does solve everything. 

PROFESSIONAL PADDLE BALL SET ||  No beach day is complete without a friendly paddle ball competition. My boyfriend and I compete with ourselves as we are on the road to achieving 500 consecutive hits. I have become quite antsy at the beach these days so this activity keeps me busy, active and I can still work on that all-over tan! It may be time we invest in quality bamboo paddles like these that will last for years to come.

MERCADITO BASKET TOTE || Perfect for a beach day or any day for that matter, this hand woven striped tote, adorned with leather handles and a built-in velcro closure, is roomy enough for all of your essentials. Pair it with one of Nipomo's blanket rolls and you and your friends will have the best looking picnic in Central Park.

COLOR REVOLUTION SUNGLASSES || My eyes have had their eyes on these shades for a while now, I love the blue mirrored lenses which add some funkiness to the classic tortoise shell frames.  This brand also gives back by donating $10 to Reporters Without Borders for every pair sold. 

ARTISAN PAINTED CANOE PADDLE || These paddles, handmade in Canada by avid canoeists who are obsessed with the great outdoors AND good design, are considered  "collectible pieces of functional art". Made from solid cherry wood sourced from Northern Ontario, these beauties can actually be used on the lake because of a special varnish that is applied, but in my case, I can easily see one of these hanging above a doorway.