DESIGN | The Modern Breakfast Nook

The fun & interesting thing about researching content for this blog is learning the history and origin of certain details and spaces in our homes.  Take the breakfast nook for instance.  I discovered these became wildly popular in the early 1920's as small bungalow and kit-homes replaced grand Victorian mansions in post-germ theory America after Dr. Joseph Lister declared that germs and household dirt were the culprit of common diseases, changing the way Americans thought about their homes.  

These built-in breakfast nooks were a practical and charming way to make the most of these new small, easy-to-clean kitchens, and often times the nooks were multi-functional converting into sleeping spaces!  I think us New Yorkers or anyone with a small kitchen can relate - which is why I think these make perfect sense today.

 While I do love the idea of a cozy built-in nook, it's not always achievable in a rental or small apartment, so instead, I'm exploring some modernized ways to create this little room within a room where you can enjoy your daily cup of Joe, relax and begin your day. 

It can be as simple as a folding table and two chairs which are easily transportable to be used in other rooms. Or why not make it a different kind of multi-functional and have your breakfast nook double as a bar?

I can totally see myself at the clean white high-top table/bar below enjoying my toast and O.J. or... toast and mimosa.

You can also create a morning oasis surrounding your space with plants and beautiful artwork, which reminds me of a European bistro or cafe. Situating your table and chairs near a window sill will help with added storage and bring in lots of natural sunlight. 

And finally, adding a bench is a perfect alternative to having seating built right into the walls - actually it's genius! I particularly like the idea of adding a sheepskin throw and pillows for added comfort like below.

This is a little corner of my home where I think I can flex my eclectic muscles.  I would mix and match new pieces with refurbished or old ones, introduce a bright color to kick up my modern side and then add a few little quirky pieces as conversation starters,

However you start your morning, I believe you deserve to start it in peace and comfort, oh, and of course style!


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