FRIDAY FINDS | The Great Outdoors

I've never been camping.  I've always considered myself to be pretty outdoorsy and I have a love for nature and the beach, but never thought I would be a good candidate for a serious camping trip, ya know, like really roughing it in the woods.  

My visions of camping looked more like this:

Until recently that is.  In the past two years I have done more hiking and outdoor adventures than I have in my entire life. And now I'm hooked!

So, to ease myself into this whole camping thing, I'm heading to the Finger Lakes in upstate New York next weekend (stay tuned for a full post of this adventure!) to fulfill one dream of mine - to sleep in a tee-pee or stylish tent.  

Half glamour, half roughing it. The perfect mix of both in my opinion.

There will be many trails to conquer and waterfalls to see, there will be lots of local wine and s'mores to devour, there will be a sense of style and a sense of community (bocce ball anyone!?), but there will not be any electricity, air conditioning or our own personal bathroom in the tent. We will be forced to detach and enjoy nature at its finest. 

As I started to think about packing, I thought 'why does camp gear have to be boring?!'.  Well the truth is, it doesn't.  

So here are some stylish essentials that would make me a pretty happy camper!