DESIGN | Artifact Uprising Photography Books

Have you ever been so enamored with a product that you just want to tell everyone you know about it? Well that is exactly how I feel about Artifact Uprising - a website where you can create tangible premium photo books and art prints directly from your iPhone.

Artifact Uprising has been wowing me with their products since I discovered them on Instagram about a year ago (they are a MUST follow).  I was immediately drawn to their aesthetic and unique images capturing the world, and this was before I even purchased my first product. 

 I love to take photos (as I mentioned in my earlier post about ways to display your travel photos) because I believe that apart from memories, photos are the next best thing for reliving moments big or small  As a society, sharing every part of our lives through photography has become mainstream, but what happens when social media dies out or our phones crash and you lose all of it? Then what?! Because of that fear I have vowed to create memory books capturing every year, and I'm pretty sure I will make them all on Artifact Uprising. 

How cute are these little pocket sized books above?  They are formatted specifically for Instagrams, which doesn't distort the size and therefore optimizes the quality. I made the book below as a gift capturing a year of photos. I can picture having an entire bookshelf full of these little guys for family and friends to look through.

I've also turned a travel photos from my trip to Switzerland into one of their {Signature} Prints

Press printed onto ultra thick matte eggshell paper, these prints shine alone or framed.

There are also endless possibilities for incorporating their Square Prints into your home and life. You can print these directly from your phone through the Artifact Uprising app which is just so super convenient. I really want to use these for gift wrapping this holiday season as a replacement to gift tags, choosing a photo from a memory I have shared with the recipient. 

Or you can build a gallery wall of prints, which can also be used for events like first birthday parties and bridal showers. 

I've been telling my recently engaged friends about their new and totally amazing Layflat Photo Album because I think this is a beautiful idea for a wedding album or guest book.

You can choose from three different sizes, two different paper options and 11 different cover fabric colors (my favorite being Pacific Blue) with your title foil printed. 

Now this is the one I'm saving for. 

There's plenty of time left in the Summer to create memories and snap some photos - and with a little help from our friends at Artifact Uprising - now there is no excuse to turn these memories into pieces of art. 

**This post is not sponsored by Artifact Uprising- all thoughts and opinions are my own. Image sources: Artifact Uprising and my own.