DESIGN | Zak + Fox Textiles

Global textiles, geometric patterns, dogs and traveling are all things that can be found on my list of favorite things. So it's no wonder that textile designer Zak Profera, the founder and creative director behind Zak + Fox, caught my eye a few years ago.

Zak and his loyal furry companion Fox reside and work here in New York City (check out their new showroom right here),  yet spend time globe-trotting seeking adventure, history, inspiration and a spark that transpires into beautifully rich yet muted wovens, rugs and prints. 

I am so in love with this headboard and wall idea below.  You can custom order fabrics for projects like this or purchase already made pillows, rugs and wallpapers directly from the online shop. The natural tones and colors are timeless and will transcend into any season. 

Not only are these textiles visually pleasing, but the aesthetic meaning and story behind each one has me visiting the Zak+Fox website quite often to learn something new, either historically or conceptually. Check out the story behind the below wallpaper appropriately named Strata - which means the organically occurring phenomenon of layering seen in nature.  Now that you know, what do you see? I see a little bit of limestone mixed with wood. Genius. 

Maybe I'm just a textiles dork after working in the industry for almost a decade, but understanding the technicalities and details of how things are constructed gives them a whole new meaning and sense of appreciation for me.

For instance, one of Zak's latest collections Peruano, from Fall 2015, was inspired by traditional Peruvian textiles — but with the unique Zak + Fox flair of course. Combining multiple techniques, cultures, textures and materials, these hand-crafted fabrics have me wanting to reupholster every flea market or vintage item I find.  And having a few adorable llamas show them off never hurts!

Although I'd take any of his textiles I could get my hands on, the below four are saved to my swatch board, hopefully ready to make an appearance in my home soon.  Now if only I could get Fox to pay me a visit as well! 

Shop my favorites here: