DESIGN | Awkward Corner Styling

Help! We have an awkward corner in our apartment situated between the bathroom and two hallway closets that has great potential, but I've been avoiding since we moved in because I don't know how to style it. My thoughts go back and forth between practical and artistic. Or maybe I can have both?

So this is where you all come in. I've narrowed down three ways to style this corner and I want your votes for which you prefer!

Here they are, in no particular order:


As you may remember from my How to Display Your Travel Photos post, I love to take pictures and capture our travel moments.  This little nook may be a great spot to display them and I'm thinking of hanging different sized frames with all black and white prints from floor to ceiling. This is option 1, something like below...


Ohhhh but I do love a good entryway, (remember my bar cart entryway post?) so a part of me wants to use this space to create a tiny faux entryway. A high accent table, a lamp, a mirror, or perhaps a plant could make a lovely little corner and add some character. Thoughts?


Orrrrr there is this option.  My boyfriend actually inspired this idea. He has been moving our dining room chair into this tiny little foyer area so he can sit and put on his big Winter boots, so the thought of adding a little seating and some storage in the forms of hooks, a basket or shelf entered my mind. Ahhh, practicality. But I think I can have some fun here by adding some artwork, a stylish stool or patterned pillow.


Now let me have it. Which is your favorite, do you prefer practicality over creativity? Do we do a combination of 2 by adding functionality + design?  Oh, did I also mention I plan on adding temporary wallpaper or paint to this corner as well? Don't let that sway your decision.

Leave your vote in the comments! 

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