DESIGN | The Modern-Bohemian Nursery

I've got babies on the brain.  And no, there is no big announcement to make, but because a handful of my close friends are either expecting or just welcomed beautiful little ones to the world, I've been taking notice on just how far nurseries have come.

With cribs now swaggy enough to convert into beds and changing tables disguising themselves as dressers, true nurseries are becoming a thing of the past as these more sophisticated rooms are taking their place, rooms that are completely age neutral. 

And as of late, I've found myself drawing a lot of my own inspiration from these baby boudoirs. More specifically a style I will call The Modern-Bohemian. 

Bright artwork, colorful rugs, clean white lines mixed with patterns and a touch of playfulness in every corner.  I really know how to stay true to my style, huh?

Replace the crib with a queen sized bed and I'd move right in to any of these rooms.

Amidst the white and beige walls that you typically see in baby rooms (especially gender neutral ones) it was so refreshing to see some dark and rich colors making their appearance, even in the form of wallpaper.  Couldn't you just die over the woodland print below from Smallable?  So beautiful, so unexpected.

And can we just take a moment for that vintage rattan crib above?  Ugh, they just don't make 'em like this anymore.

There's nothing better than a room with great sunlight, am I right?  These rooms are perfect for adding pops of color and I'm really into the shades of greens below.  

And let's not forget about textures that come in all forms.  Window treatments, pillows, sheepskin throws (which seems to be a huge trend in nurseries these days) and even texture in artwork give that extra dimension. I love the water-colored piece below found in the nursery of Christie from Den Mother. I'm not sure if she made it herself or not, but if she did, that makes it even more special. 

one.  two.  three.  four.  five.  six.  seven. 

The biggest piece of advice I give my friends starting to tackle their nursery is make it a space you would truly enjoy being in, make it an extension of your home, not just a room for the baby to sleep in.  Personally, I would strive for a tranquil, colorful and playful retreat, that includes some old hand-me down pieces (my mom still has my original wooden crib!) mixed with modern new ones.

 I'm just going to start referring to nurseries as baby boudoirs from now on, kay?