DIY | Mother's Day Florals + Gift!

DIY | Mother's Day Florals + Gift!

If you're feeling anything like me, then you're in shock it's already May, and that shock has left you unprepared for Mother's Day which is in 3 days! 

For those of you hosting or looking for a last minute gift -  I've put together an easy floral arrangement centerpiece and place setting adornment that can double as a sweet Mother's Day gift. 

I started with a large shallow teak bowl that I already own as a vase and grabbed some lilacs and godetia flowers - which both only bloom for a short time in the Spring - from my local flower stand.  Lilacs are a shrub flower so they are typically bundled with beautiful greenery which is necessary for added volume. They are also super fragrant giving off that sweet smell of Spring!

Start by laying out your vase, flowers and greenery on a table or work space and grab some sheers or scissors. I always like to see everything I'm working with before starting. Cut each stem into different sizes and start to arrange in shallow vase or bowl. No water required.

I wanted my arrangement to sway to one side so I started layering all of the florals to the left of the vase and left the stems a bit longer. If you wanted a more even and full arrangement, cut the stems shorter and perhaps buy some additional bundles to fill in your vase.

I love how the heaviness of the lilacs allows them to drape over the edge - it gives that added drama.

I used the lilacs and the greenery to give the arrangement volume before carefully tucking the godetia flowers in between for added depth and interest.  It's as simple as that, folks. Now on to the place setting!

I recently found color-your-own gift tags at the craft store and decided to incorporate them into the place setting. I tied them around a mason jar (which you can also get at the craft store for a steal!) that each guest will use to create their own mini flower arrangement as a take-home gift. With some colored pencils available on the table, guests can decide if they'd like to color the tags or not - I happen to think they look just as cool in plain black and white!

Once brunch, lunch or dinner has commenced, have guests pick and choose flowers from the large vase centerpiece to create their own small arrangement in the mason jar. Tell them to get creative!

PRO TIP: make criss-crosses on top of the mason jars with clear Scotch tape and place the flowers in between - this keeps them upright and evenly spaced.

And voila! Adorable little arrangements to show your love and appreciation for your own mom or any important woman in your life. 

I'd like to give a big shout-out to my mom and all of the moms or mom-like figures out there doing their thing and giving their very best every day. You all amaze me and I truly hope you enjoy your day to the fullest. 



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