ENTERTAINING | The Guest With The Mostest

When someone invites you over to their home for a shindig or BBQ the first thing most of us do is ask "what can I bring?!".  And the typical reply is, "yourself!"  Well, I don't know about you but I was raised to never show up empty handed to someone's home who is hosting you. 

Now that Summer BBQs and weekend events are ramping up, quite frankly I'm feeling pretty bored with my usual bottle of wine or 6-pack of craft beer contribution and I think this Summer is the perfect time to step it up.

We all know how stressful and expensive hosting a party or get together can be. Which is why a more meaningful and personal hostess gift will go a long way and will have you invited back! And listen, you don't have to spend a fortune - all of my ideas are under $50! 

So you see, these gifts will make you the guest with the mostest to the hostess with the mostest! 

FOR THE BARTENDER: Pair this fun cocktail recipe book with a sassy shaker for your friend who is a mixologist at heart. Total: $42

FOR THE POOL PARTY: Lemonade is more than just a hit album this Summer, it's a long-time favorite refreshing Summer drink. Pair a beautiful pitcher with some lemonade or iced tea mix, both which also happen to go great with vodka! Total: $40

FOR THE HEALTH NUT: Your health-conscious friend having your over for dinner or lunch? Offer to bring the salad,  serve it in a nice bowl and add wooden salad tossers - all for the host to keep. Total: $27 + salad

FOR THE SWEETS LOVER: Pick up your host's favorite carton of ice cream, add some retro ice cream bowls and scooper and tell your sweets-loving friend you've got dessert covered. Total: $21 + ice cream

FOR THE GRILL MASTER: Who doesn't love a good BBQ sauce?! Pay homage to the South and introduce your friend who is always behind the grill to one of Lillie's Q BBQ sauces and pair it with a wooden platter.  Once they finish those BBQ chicken wings they will most definitely need something sweet to serve them on. Total: $32

FOR THE COOK: Practical and delicious. Everyone can always use some nice dish towels and I love the colors of these Anthropologie ones. Wrap some fresh bread in the towels, pick up your favorite fig jam (this is mine!), grab some twine and a wooden spoon and tie it all together. A tasty appetizer! Total: $37

FOR THE WINE-O: Your friend who loves wine probably has enough bottles. Instead, pick up a pretty wine bottle stopper like this pineapple one (pineapple represents hospitality!) and a bar towel to make her wine bar or table complete. Total: $36

FOR THE BACKYARD BBQ: So your friend doesn't have a pool, but they do have some kick-ass lawn space. I love this scoop ball set for backyard game of toss. Pair it with a big pretty towel and those choosing not to play can relax on the grass in comfort. Total: $35.50