DESIGN | Neutral Autumn Delight

It's the day after Halloween and I've already seen 3 Christmas commercials. Typical. As an adult I like to enjoy my holidays one season at a time and there's something to be said about savoring each season, enjoying the now instead of anticipating the next.  Autumn is filled with so much deliciousness and beauty and I'll be relishing in all of it this month.

When it comes to decorating our home, some predictable autumnal tones are shades of orange, yellow and red as seen in the change in foliage, but these colors can also feel commercial and may not work with your style. For me, I'm really feeling this warm, neutral palette, where subtle hints of nature are integrated into your existing decor for a look that will last all season and even transition into winter. (well maybe not the pumpkins).

Creamy white pumpkins, sage green eucalyptus, sea glass vases and bowls, & crisp white mums enhance a neutral backdrop and look lovely contrasted with black accents and trims.  I also love the unexpected look and tones of ornamental cabbage (also known as flowering kale) as seen below.

If you're looking for some subtle ways to cozy up your home, embrace the fall season or just need some Thanksgiving day decor ideas, I hope this post brings you some inspiration and reminds you to slow down, smell the mums, and enjoy the season to its fullest.

DESIGN || 5 Gorgeous Pools & Outdoor Spaces

Do you guys follow along on Pinterest? If not, do it now! (jk I'm not that bossy, but really, if you like my posts, follow along!)

One of my favorite boards to fawn over when in need of inspiration is my Daydream Dwellings board - which is filled with photos of insanely gorgeous interiors, exteriors, landscaping and architecture. And this heat has got me longing for a poolside escape - which has led to a pool pinning frenzy!

I've rounded up my top five favorite pools and outdoor spaces that would definitely leave you feeling and looking cool. Let's take a look.

1. Two words. POOL HOUSE. 

The brick, the wooden counter, the hinged glass window - I'm daydreaming of serving friends and family a refreshing signature cocktail when they take a break from the pool. Watermelon Mojito, anyone!?

2. Private Pergola

You can bring the bougie poolside cabana feel to your own yard with a beautiful wooden pergola. Add some outdoor drapes, a rug and some lavish seating, and all you'll be missing in a pool boy to refill your cocktail. 

3. Living Room Extension

Wake up. Morning swim and coffee in the pool. Afternoon nap in the hammock. Dance party in the living room. Evening cocktails poolside.

This seamless transition from living area to poolside would make my ideal day feasible. 

4. Interior Courtyard

This is perhaps my favorite of them all.  A gorgeous bohemian-inspired interior courtyard with a pool, acting like any other room in the house, except the sun is shining brightly and the tropical plants are thriving!

5. Poolside Glamour

A beaded chandelier in a tree? Yes! The juxtaposition of the casual seating with the touch of glamour makes this poolside feel luxe yet relaxed.

Image Sources: 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5

FRIDAY FINDS | With Love From Greece

If there's one thing that the Greek got right, besides for yogurt and feta cheese, it's knowing how to design a terrace.  Greece has been on my travel bucket list for years now, therefore, I am always researching and dreaming of spending mornings by the blue sea surrounded by white walls with pops of pattern and color. This got me thinking, why can't we all bring a little slice of the Greek islands to our own homes?!

So, this week's Friday Finds is inspired by the Greek.  

Image Source: Secrets of Greece 

Image Source: The Hotels Book

Image Source: Veranda 

I love how these outdoor spaces blend in so beautifully with the nature surrounding them, the contrast of blue on white playing off of the natural colors and textures of life on the coast, almost becoming one.  There is always a sense of tranquility, (perhaps the Aegean Sea has something to do with that) drawing you in, inviting you to stay for hours.

With Summer upon us, now is the perfect time to breathe new life into your patio, deck or outdoor terrace and here are some of my ideas for doing just that. I'm still dreaming about visiting Greece, but for now, I'll try and bring a little bit of that tranquility into my own space, sea or no sea.  And one thing's for sure, there will be olives and wine! Happy weekend, everyone.