DESIGN | Velvet Crush

Velvet is back (and so are we!) and better than ever. Following the trend that flooded the runways this season, our homes can also delight in this luxurious fabric. Velvet pieces in deep, rich tones will instantly up the lavishness of your space and make you feel like royalty. Today I'm diving into some of my favorite ways to add velvet into your space, big and small. Let's take a look.

Traditionally made from silk fibers, velvet is known for its short, dense pile which gives it that soft & sumptuous trademark feel, making it perfect for furnishings.  The pieces above bring earthiness to the room when mixed with other natural-inspired textures and pieces like wood and marble. Velvet is also very durable despite its decadence, making it suitable for dining chairs or a sofa. 

I'm quite literally obsessed with the idea of a velvet headboard. After all, shouldn't your bedroom and more importantly your bed be the most luxe place in your home? Who wouldn't want to fall asleep against the backdrop of glamour? The juxtaposition of modern wooden side tables and printed bedding keeps the look a bit less traditional and more vintage-inspired and fun.

If you're not ready to fully commit to velvet, start small by introducing elements like pillows or drapes to your home to add elegance and luxury in a simple way.  Pair the pillows or drapes with clean lines and white walls for a modern and contemporary feel.

So are you ready to take the plush plunge? Shop some of my favorite looks available right now. I've got my eye on that ivory bed, swoon!



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